About Shanks

For many years, Shanks Nederland has been one of the leading environmental businesses in the Netherlands. With 40 operating centres, more than 2.200 employees and a revenues of 415 million euro’s, Shanks is a professional and innovative waste management company.

The Shanks organisation comprises decentralised subsidiary companies, with a wealth of operational experience in the environmental sector and includes many familiar brands in the Dutch market such as Icova, Van Vliet, Reym and Smink. . Highly customer-focused organisations, the Shanks subsidiaries often hold leading positions in their particular market sectors.

Shanks Nederland offers a wide variety of environmental services and solutions to its customers, designed to meet their specific waste management needs. These services include wastecollection, transport, recycling and disposal, as well as composting, industrial cleaning and the pyrolysis of waste.

The Shanks policy? Waste management aimed at maximising the recycling of waste and generating energy and products from the waste collected collect. This is why the company continually invests in innovation.

Shanks Nederland is part of Shanks Group, the largest listed independent waste management company in Europe.

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