A unique assortment of services and solutions

In the Netherlands, Shanks is involved in a very wide range of environmental activities and can offer a complete range of solutions for customers, including:

  • Collecting, sorting and processing of non-hazardous waste, such as construction and demolition waste, commercial waste, agricultural waste, paper and cardboard.
  • Processing waste materials into raw materials for reuse, such as rubble granulate, energy pellets, rockwool granulate, wood chips and compost.
  • Collecting, transporting and processing hazardous materials, such as office chemical waste, chemicals, hospital
  • waste, foul water and slurry.
  • Cleaning up contaminated soil and tarry asphalt granules (TAG), both thermally and by extraction.
  • Composting, anaerobic digestion and pyrolysis of waste.
  • Industrial cleaning, including major installations in the chemical, oil and gas production sectors.
  • Landfill site with energy reclamation, such as the use of landfill gas in power stations.
  • Fermentation and processing of incontinence material.
  • Total Waste Management.