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Shanks to help Glasgow Airport reduce waste collections by 75%

Leading international sustainable waste management business, Shanks Group plc (“Shanks”), is pleased to announce that it has signed a five year contract with Glasgow Airport to help it reduce waste collections by 75% with EcoCassette compactors, proprietary Shanks technology.

Under the contract, Shanks will replace Glasgow Airport’s existing waste containers with EcoCassette’ smart drum compactors, each of which can hold the equivalent of 15 large mobile bins. Designed and developed by EcoVision, Shanks’ subsidiary in the Netherlands, the compactors are swipe card operated to enable shared access. Fitted with GPRS enabled sensors to monitor fill-rate, the transport depot is automatically notified when the compactors are full.

The traditional bin lorry will be replaced with a modern crane-mounted vehicle which can collect four EcoCassettes per visit, each with a different source-segregated waste stream. The increase in the number of waste streams per visit, coupled with the fact that only full compactors are collected, will mean that Airport collections are reduced by up to 75%. As a result, CO2 emissions will significantly reduce and the passenger experience of the Airport will be improved.

Shanks is seeing significant interest in EcoCassette technology as customers seek to find innovative, cleaner and more cost effective ways of managing waste. The Shanks solution increases operational efficiency by enabling shared access, and the underground compactors mean fewer waste receptacles on the street.
Shanks has already installed 700 of the underground compactors in Amsterdam. Glasgow Airport will be the first customer in the UK to deploy this innovative waste technology.

Gillies Crichton, Head of Assurance at Glasgow Airport, said: “At Glasgow Airport, we have set ambitious sustainability targets and are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our business. Developing a sustainable and cost effective approach to waste management is a clear priority and Shanks’ solution enables us to do this whilst also reducing carbon emissions and controlling costs.”