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For many years, Shanks Nederland has been one of the leading environmental businesses in the Netherlands. With 40 operating centres, more than 2.200 employees and a revenues of 415 million euro’s, Shanks is a professional and innovative waste management company.

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Our vision

Shanks has a clear strategy. We collect waste and residue and process this into something useful. The policy of Shanks has resulted in over 86% of our collected waste being recovered and used in a useful way. An approach that explicitly connects to the Dutch policy in which the Ladder of Lansink is a central part.

Our organisation

Our organisation

The Shanks organisation comprises decentralised subsidiary companies, with a wealth of operational experience in the environmental sector and includes many familiar brands in the Dutch market such as Icova, Van Vliet, Reym and Smink. Highly customer-focused organisations, the Shanks subsidiaries often hold leading positions in their specific market sectors.

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We achieve an overall recycling and recovery rate of 88% from nearly 4.7m tonnes of waste each year.

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May 13, 2013

Leading international sustainable waste management business, Shanks Group plc (“Shanks”), is pleased to announce that it has signed a five year contract with Glasgow Airport to help it reduce waste collections by 75% with EcoCassette compactors, proprietary Shanks technology.